The Train

Belmond Andean Explorer is a luxury train that transports up to 48 passengers through Peru in peerless style. A selection of one- and two-night itineraries journey between Cusco, Puno and Arequipa, taking in natural wonders such as Lake Titicaca and Colca Canyon en-route.

Your time aboard promises to be every bit as inspiring as your off-board moments of discovery. Inviting, indulgent accommodation and refined Andean cuisine ensure an unforgettable journey. Observation, Lounge, and Spa Cars are the perfect places to unwind, designed to offer modern comfort with traditional flourishes.

Piano Bar Car

Gather together new-found friends and take a seat in the Piano Bar Car. A medium grand piano sets the musical tone as you discuss your day’s adventures. With a refreshing cocktail in hand and sensational passing scenery as a backdrop, it’s the ideal spot to weave together your own spellbinding story.

Observation Car

The Observation Car is the ultimate spot to unwind and let the world pass you by. Make new friends and enjoy the enchanting views while sipping on a Pisco Sour from the bar. Breathe in the fresh Andean air from the open deck as the train meanders through breathtaking landscapes.



Dining Cars

Fresh, colourful and seasonal dishes using locally sourced ingredients are served in the two elegant dining carriages. Menus are skilfully designed by our chefs from Belmond Hotel Monasterio, Cusco.

Relax and unwind with the company of a good book. Adjacent to the Boutique, our library offers a bespoke selection of literature to immerse you in the fascinating history, culture and natural wonders of Peru.

Take home a memento of your unforgettable journey. Located in Llama carriage, our Boutique offers original gifts and handcrafted items from each of our destinations. It’s open from 11am until 7pm daily.

Day by day itinerary (8 days tour) 


Bring together your family and friends for a milestone reunion, or reward your top employees with an unforgettable incentive adventure. Whatever the occasion, an event becomes a timeless celebration aboard Belmond Andean Explorer.

Travel as a group and reserve multiple cabins. Alternatively choose to charter the whole train, giving you the freedom to tailor your own itinerary.

We can help you customise your trip by providing live entertainment, special menus and welcome gifts. From the moment you arrive at the station until you finally disembark, everything will be taken care of.

For more information or to reserve the Belmond Andean Explorer for a private event please contact:



The ultimate travel curator and connoisseur, Belmond creates exceptional experiences worldwide. Their global collection of Indo-China hotels, trains and river cruises in 24 countries brings together some of the world's most thrilling journeys and destInations

Experience true relaxation as you step into your own personal sanctuary. Belmond Andean Explorer offers four types of cabins, each with its own inviting en-suite bathroom and shower. Interiors seamlessly blend modern sophistication with traditional Andean accents. Designs draw inspiration from Peru’s hand-woven fabrics, with textures chosen to match the soft feel of Alpaca wool.


Our largest cabins are a haven of space, complete with a plush double bed and a cozy seating area with two chairs and a table.

A long wardrobe provides storage, while the spacious bathrooms are equipped with a shower, WC, vanity and pedestal washbasin.

Junior Double Bed Cabins include a generous living space in which to unwind. They are fitted with a more compact wardrobe and en-suite, boasting a shower, washbasin and WC.


Twin Bed Cabins provide additional space to unwind in, with a long wardrobe plus an en-suite bathroom with shower, WC and washbasin. During the day they are configured with a long banquette and a comfy seat. Come nightfall, your stewards convert this into two ground-level single beds.


These cosy cabins offer a traditional sleeper train experience. Store your clothes in the long wardrobe and freshen up in the en-suite bathroom, complete with shower, WC and washbasin. In the daytime, these cabins feature a long banquette, which in the evening is transformed into upper and lower berth single beds.


Deluxe Double Bed Cabins

Junior Double Bed Cabins


Upon your arrival in Lima, a transportation service will transfer you from the airport to your hotel. (Includes the assistance of an English representative) 

In the afternoon, your tour will start in downtown Lima, where you will visit the Main Square, where Lima was first founded as "The City of Kings," in 1535, and it was already known by the name of Lima when Peru proclaimed its independence from the Spanish Crown in 1821. There you may see the Presidential Palace, the Archbishop's Palace and the Lima Cathedral. You will then visit the Aliaga House, a viceregal construction delivered by Francisco Pizarro to one of his captains (Jerónimo de Aliaga) when he founded the city. You will then go to Saint Francis' Church, which has an enviable collection of old books and an authentic network of catacombs open to the public. Next, you will go to Pueblo Libre district to visit the Larco Museum, founded by Rafael Larco Hoyle en 1926. The museum, located inside a vice-regal mansionuilt on a pre-Columbian pyramid of the 7th century, houses a complete pre-Hispanic collection of gold and silver artifacts as well pieces of erotic art. 

Accommodation Belmond Miraflores Park  

Meals included: Breakfast 

A transportation service will pick you up from your hotel at the established time and will transfer you to the airport of Lima. (Includes the assistance of an English speaking representative) You will start your tour from the airport to the Chinchero town, one of the most important towns of the Inca Empire located on a terrace, where beautiful Andean landscapes surround this place, framed by the calm beauty of the Chicón and Verónica snow-capped mountains. Every Sunday, the town becomes a trade center for products from the neighboring communities. You will then visit the archaeological vestiges in Maras and Moray. Maras is a surreal view. It is near Moray and it is an impressive complex for the exploitation of salt mines. Its huge salt deposits were used to trade them for other products with other parts of the empire. Moray's archaeological vestiges are composed of mysterious concentric circular terraces which, according to some scholars, would be an agricultural research center. The higher external terraces would be at a higher temperature than the inner ones and could simulate the conditions of various ecological strata of the empire. When the tour is over, you will enjoy your snack and return to Cusco. 

 Accommodation Belmond Hotel Rio Sagrado

 Meals included: Breakfast 



A transportation service with a guide will pick you up from your hotel in Urubamba at the established time and will drive you to the Ollantaytambo train station. The guide will assist you at the station. Your trip to Machu Picchu will start with a two-hour train trip to the Aguas Calientes town. In Aguas Calientes you will find a train station, a handicraft market, restaurants and accommodations of many different categories for those who would prefer to spend the night at the foot of the mountain and climb to the top in the early morning. Finally, after a short trip, you will arrive in Machu Picchu, a masterpiece of engineering and architecture which is believed to have served as a sanctuary and resort for Inca Pachacútec (1438-1471). Machu Picchu means "Old Mountain" and UNESCO has listed it as a World Heritage and it is one of the new Seven Wonders of the World. You will spend the night in Aguas Calientes. 

Accommodation Belmond Sanctuary Lodge

 Meals included: Breakfast


Today you can return to Machu Picchu and you can optionally visit any attraction that the citadel has to offer. You can visit the Intipunku, which means "Gateway of the Sun" in Spanish, and it is the last stop before entering Machu Picchu if you follow the Inca Trail from Ollantaytambo. It was a sort of guardhouse and the Sun rises through this gateway every day if it is contemplated from the most important buildings of the citadel. You can also climb the Wayna Picchu (subject to availability of space), the "Young Mountain", as opposed to Machu Picchu. It takes around an hour to reach the top, and its main attraction is the "Temple of the Moon", an underground building complex probably conceived for the entertainment of the nobles. Finally, you will visit the Inca Bridge, an incredible stone construction which served to enter and exit the citadel, and which shows a large void in the middle, over which the Incas put two wooden boards. Thus, the Incas were able to isolate the city by just removing those boards, protecting themselves. 

Train travel has always had a romantic appeal. Slow traveling through the Urubamba Canyon uphill across the Andean landscape from Machu Picchu to Cuzco is even more nostalgic. Yet doing it aboard the gleaming blue and gold Hiram Bingham is reliving a XIX century novel journey. Enjoy welcoming aperitifs, dinner and an excellent selection of wines. Taking the Hiram Bingham back to Cuzco is dancing to local music while sipping pisco sours. Step out to the open-air observation car while the sun is setting over the mountain peaks and breath in the sacred landscape. The distance between the Poroy train station and Cusco City (11 km) will take about twenty minutes. 

Accommodation Belmond Hotel Monasterio 

 Meals included: Breakfast 


You will start your tour with a visit to the Coricancha, also known as the "Temple of the Sun" (or "Premises of the Gilded One"), the construction of which was ordered by Inca Pachacútec (1438-1471) and was used as base for the construction of the Santo Domingo Convent upon the arrival of the Spaniards. This is when the Sun (Inti, in Quechua) was worshipped during the Inca Empire and at the time of the Incas its walls were fully covered with gold sheets and its courtyards were planted with golden corn and life-size llamas. You will then go to the Cathedral, the most important building on the Main Square and one of the most splendid Spanish colonial churches in America, which is shaped as a Latin Cross and houses about 400 colonial paintings from the Cusco art school, and impressive goldsmith, silversmith and precious stones works. Its construction lasted almost a century, it started in 1560 and ended in 1654. The Ecclesiastical Chapter ordered to extract and transport hundreds of stones from the Sacsayhuamán fortress for this purpose. You will then visit said fortress, en emblematic work of the Incas, which protected the Holy City. Conceived and built by Inca Pachacútec in the 15th century, The Sacsayhuamán complex was built with megalithic blocks, which transportation and construction continue to be a mystery. The Inti Raymi Festival, which worships the Sun, is reenacted on June 24 of each year, during the winter solstice. You will then go to Qenqo, located four kilometers away from Cusco City, an archaeological complex mainly used for religious purposes, and it is believed that agricultural rituals took place there. You will finally visit the vestiges of Puka Pukara, located seven kilometers away from Cusco. Puka Pukara, which means "red fortress", was an architectural complex presumably used for military purposes; it has many rooms, squares, bathrooms, aqueducts, walls and towers, and it is believed that the Inca?s entourage used it while he rested at Tambomachay. At the end, you will return to your hotel. 

Accommodation Belmond Hotel Monasterio 

Meals included: Breakfast

A transportation service will pick you up from your hotel at the established time and will transfer you to the train station. A guide will accompany you until the boarding gate and will explain your trip to Puno on the way. This high rising city houses the Titicaca, the world's highest navigable lake. Today you will travel the Peruvian highlands on a journey that will take you through wonderful landscapes in Cusco, Puno and Arequipa. During the morning, the train will leave Cusco in direction of Puno and will you have lunch on board. The first stop will be at the archaeological site of Raqchi, also known as Temple of Viracocha where Inca storages and parts of the main building can be seen. In the afternoon you will be served tea and enjoy the sunset in La Raya, border between Puno and Cusco, surrounded by imposing mountains. Then you will have a cocktail and dinner on board. You will arrive at the station of Lake Titicaca around 10p.m. 

Meals included: Breakfast, lunch and dinner 

Overnight on board the Andean Explorer train – twin cabin 



Witness the glorious sunrise on Lake Titicaca and continue your journey. Breakfast will be served on board and after this you will visit the Islands of Uros, a set of floating islands made of totora, plants that grow in the 

lake. Then visit Taquile Island, from where you will have a wonderful view of the lake. Lunch will be served at Collata Beach, which is part of the island and you will enjoy a demonstration of typical dances and craftsmanship of the inhabitants of the island. Afterwards, you will be transferred to the station of Lake Titicaca. You will be served a tea and will continue the trip heading to Arequipa. After a cocktail, dinner will be served on board. 

Meals included: Breakfast, lunch and dinner 

 Overnight on board the Andean Explorer train – twin cabin 


*Subject to availability at the time of purchase. Prices may change without notification.

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You will have breakfast in the Saracocha Lagoon in the Puno region and later you will visit the Sumbay caves in Arequipa, where cave paintings from the Paleolithic period representing human and animal figures can be seen on the walls. Disembark in km. 99 to visit the Colca Canyon, more than 4 kilometers deep in its deepest part. After this visit you will have lunch on board and take a panoramic tour that will take you through the main buildings of the "White City". Finally, you will be transferred to Arequipa´s airport. 

 Meals included: Breakfast. 



Total Price per passenger

$4,535 USD

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